By Brynne Tillman, Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder at Vengreso

Using LinkedIn engagement to get on B2B Buyers radars

Getting noticed is a challenge that many sale people face. Social selling certainly is an easy channel to help overcome that obstacle, and here are 9 ways to use LinkedIn engagements to the get the attention of your targeted B2B buyers:

  1. Visit Their Profile – First, make sure your settings are open so that others can see that you have viewed their profile. Next, make a pre-qualified list of the people you’d like to engage with, visit their profile (and while you are there, get to know them better). About 10% will look back, so be sure to look at Who’s Viewed Your Profile every day and engage. Send a connection request with a personalized note: Thanks for visiting my profile, I had a chance to look at yours and (noticed something we have in common) so I thought it might make sense for us to connect.
  2. Follow– This is a very simple but powerful way to get the attention of a LinkedIn member. When you Follow a person that you are not connected to will send them a notification that you have followed them. This will, in most cases, pique their curiosity and they will check out your profile. Now, go to the first tip above and engage. If your profile is positioned to be a resource, your success of them accepting your invitation skyrockets. To follow someone, visit their profile and choose the dropdown arrow next to (send an InMail) and choose click follow. If you have the new LinkedIn UI, choose the … on top right next to your headshot and click follow or scroll down to their activity and follow from there.
  3. Like, Share and Comment on Recent Activity – The reason people share content is to get engagement, so you can really make an impression by appealing to what matters to them. Be sure to read the content and engage authentically. They will get a notification that you liked, shared or commented on their update and which will get them to visit your profile, and may even ask you to connect. Similar to the follow steps above, choose Recent Activity from the dropdown or scroll down to their activity section on the new LinkedIn UI and engage.
  4. Get Warm Introduction – Being introduced by a shared connection is one of the most effective ways to not only get on your buyer’s radar but come into the conversation with immediate credibility. The ability to search and filter your connections’ connections is still available for the free LinkedIn users but is moving to Sales Navigator early 2017 as the new LinkedIn UI rolls out.
  5. InMail – This messaging feature is available to LinkedIn’s Premium users and allows you to directly message people you are not connected to. There are free InMail opportunities through Open Profile messages. Messages can be sent to any member with Open Profile turned on, even if they are outside of your network. Anyone on LinkedIn can send an Open Profile message to these Premium members without an Introduction or paying for an InMail. All LinkedIn members can see the full profiles of the Premium members with an Open Profile. If you have a Premium account, click the pencil next to the word Premium when you are in your edit profile to choose Open Profile.
  6. Connection Request – Although I don’t recommend a cold connection request is the best first move to getting on your buyer’s radar, but it is a way. If you do choose to send a cold connection request, make sure your personal note is meaningful to them.
  7. Congratulate – LinkedIn alerts you when your connections change jobs, have an anniversary, birthday, are mentioned in the news or other events, this is a great opportunity to engage. But remember, many others are congratulating them too, so make it memorable with a personal note.
  8. Share Their Own Company Updates – Their company may have posted news they haven’t seen. When something positive is shared by or about their company, share a link via InMail or if you are already connected in a message. Include a note: I saw this great article about your company and I wasn’t sure if you had a chance to read it yet.
  9. Mention Them in an Update – This too is not necessarily something I would do prior to establishing rapport, but sharing that company update publicly and @mentioning them in the post will send them a notification that they were mentioned.

Using LinkedIn engagement to get on the B2B buyer’s radar is just a small part of the sales process, but it is an important one.

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