By Jill Konrath       Sales Strategies | Sales Techniques    Author

Thinking like a prospect changes everything. That was the impetus behind today’s post which was written from a buyer’s perspective. I hope you have fun reading it—and get the point!

The Buyer’s Lament

Don’t waste my time, please go away.
I will not talk with you today.
You call me up, you want to sell.
But all you do is tell, tell, tell.

I do not want to hear your spiel.
I will not play let’s make a deal.
So listen up, take my advice.
Discover how you can entice.

If you aspire to earn my trust,
Research is an absolute must.
Know my goals, the issues I face.
Use them to build your business case.

What have you done for firms like mine?
How have you helped their bottom line?
Can you cut my costs or help me grow?
Now that’s the info I want to know.

If you can help me solve my plight,
I’m wide open to your fresh insight.
I always look for new perspectives
So I can reach my big objectives.

If you want me to remember your name,
Launch an account entry campaign.
When big opportunites are at stake,
Ten or more contacts is what it may take.

To get yourself past my no-entry zone,
Think of this before you email or phone.
Once you get your foot in the door,
I guarantee you’ll sell lots more!

Jill Konrath
Sales Poet & Author

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