A talk on the buyer on the buyer side


What's it about?

Following the success of their first book, ‘The Sellers Challenge’ the authors Tom Williams & Tom Saine of Strategic Dynamics Inc. have teamed up once again to pen ‘Buyer Centered Selling‘ .

Their timing is perfect as sales teams are struggling to differentiate through product or service and the buyer experience is now highly influential in the decision process.

The book is not about a methodology or process, it’s a philosophy of the sellers responsibility and foundational elements. Put simply how can you manage your sales engagements with the buyers front and centre, how can you become more buyer-centric to win more deals.

The Eight Core Elements of Buyer-Centered selling are:

Insights that Educate
Map & Align Buy-Sell
Prescriptive Guidance
Discovery Process
Dynamic Value Messaging
Consensus Building
Risk Mitigation
Social Presence

Check out the podcast, then go buy the book 👍



What's it about?

Don’t think of procurement as the ‘dark side’, Procurement expert Jens Hentschel tells us we should think of them as the ‘bright side’.

Salespeople avoid engaging with anyone in procurement as they see them as a threat or someone that could scupper a deal. They’d rather make a cold prospect call than a call to someone in procurement with an existing prospect.

Yes this is procurement focused, but it’s a sales podcast that helps salespeople think about procurement differently.

What's it about?

Our first ever ‘A talk on the buyer side’ sales podcast is with Joe McFadden who was CTO at the Royal Opera House in London. Joe shares his thoughts and experiences as a senior decision maker within the buyer committee.

We discuss a bunch of important areas for the buyer/seller engagement including how projects start, who’s involved, how they research before engaging with sales, what information sales can provide that really helps, discovery questions, what decision makers need from salespeople, how decisions are made, plus his own experience with no-decision outcomes.

All too often salespeople look to sales experts and trainers for guidance and advice on how to improve, understanding the buyers perspective is some of the best feedback you’ll ever get.