Buyer Relationship Management for Complex Sales

Boxxstep helps sales teams manage, visualise and action the important prospect and buyer team information

Understand the Business

Today’s buyer centric market means for effective sales opportunity management it’s essential that we understand more about out prospects than ever before if we’re to be effective in selling to them.

Managing a sales opportunity means understanding how you can help your prospects business. Understanding their business means asking business focused questions.

Boxxstep provides the basic structure of questions that any effective sales professional should know about a prospect opportunity.

Boxxstep organises this information in a way that makes it easy to manage, share, and review.

Understand the Process

It’s easy just to focus on a prospect decision date, but smart sales professionals stay close to the process and help and advise the buyer team through it.

Don’t assume that buyers don’t need support through the process, they do. The more you understand what has to happen in their organisation, the more you are positioned to provide relevant information, ideas and solutions from working with other companies similar to them.

Boxxstep enables you to capture and track the decision making Process and to be on hand with the right people at the right time.

Understand the People

Buyer teams are now much bigger, which means that the B2B sales professional needs to identify and engage with more people.

Consensus based decision making also means that it’s no longer about just focusing on a decision maker or a C level contact. Everyone contributes to who wins the deal.

Different contacts, with different roles, responsibilities, challenges, criteria, concerns, priorities and so on.

Boxxstep enables you to capture and track what’s important to each of them. The more you know about the buyer team, the more you can help them.

Plan and Take Action

Once you know what you need to know about your prospects and their buyer teams what do you do next to improve sales opportunity management? Good selling comes from well executed sales engagement plans and actions.

Opportunity Objectives

Plan and set the key objectives that you need to complete to improve your chances of success. Assign them to yourself or a member of your team using Boxxstep.

Opportunity Tasks

Plan and set the tasks that form part of an objective.  Assign them to yourself or a member of your team using Boxxstep.

Contacts Steps

Plan and set the steps you need to take with individual contacts in the buyer team. Assign them to yourself or a member of your team using Boxxstep.

Synchronise your Objectives, Tasks and Steps into your 365 or Google calendars

Opportunity Management Reports

A full summary of an opportunity in a useful report for management and colleagues, or upload it to your opportunities in CRM.

  • Opportunity business drivers and decision process
  • Contact profiles for each member of the buyer team
  • Organigrams for decision, roles, reporting lines and internal politics
  • SWOT and RAID analysis for the sales opportunity
  • Planned Steps, Objectives and Tasks