The sales platform that aligns selling with buying



Buying has changed, have you adapted?

Engage your opportunities from the buyers perspective 

Buyer Relationship Management helps you capture, manage, share, action and review what you really need to know about your prospects to be effective selling to them.


What do you know about your prospects business problems, drivers and needs?

Where do you capture and manage this important information?


Do you understand your prospects decision and buying process?

How can you help them and reduce the risk of a do nothing outcome?


Who’s in the buyer committee? What are the roles, reporting lines and internal dynamics?

What’s important to each of them?

Who’s involved in the deciding and buying?

Buyer team roles

Identify and display buyer team roles. Who are the decision makers, approvers, influencers and evaluators. Who owns the business problem, is there a ‘Mobilizer’ and do you have a Champion?

Buyer team reporting lines

Build reporting line organigrams for each opportunity, organisation or even global account. Understanding who is who helps you navigate the complexity.

Buyer team politics

Understanding the internal dynamics of a buyer team is crucial, it exists in every account. Visualise who’s influencing, who are allies and who’s in conflict, with annotations.

How can you collaborate with your prospects?

Differentiate through Mutual Action Plans

Making a buying decision is challenging and meeting project completion dates is difficult, does the prospect fully understand what needs to be done and by who to succeed?

Mutual Action Plans help you to help your prospects through the complexity of buying, right through to project end. Use your knowledge to identify what needs to be done and who needs to be involved.

MAPs improve close rates, sales cycles, forecasting accuracy and deliver a better buying experience for your prospects.

Boxxstep MAPs will include project/problem summary, milestones and responsibilities, needs mapping, comment forum and team structures.

Why review feedback from your prospects?

To get better at selling

Your prospects make consensus-based decisions as a committee, why not get performance feedback from across the buyer group so that you can understand what you do well and what you need to improve. They’ll be impressed that you value their opinion.

Use our template to get feedback on the effectiveness of your sales engagement across the buyer team, or create your own template and questions.

The best way to improve is to understand the buyers perspective, feedback is the breakfast of champions, embrace it.

“Boxxstep has shone a light on what matters and provided the sales team with customer and buyer team structure for sales engagements. Part of our planning for success is to focus on who and what we know about our prospects. Boxxstep helps with that and much more. We’re seeing real benefits from using Boxxstep integrated with our Dynamics 365 CRM and the whole team are sold, there are no downsides ”.

Andy McDonald

SVP Worldwide Sales – Upstream Works

How does BRM improve your CRM?

Add a buyer-centric approach to your CRM

Export and auto update your important, forecasted, or must win opportunities straight into Boxxstep, along with all account contacts, then manage them from the buyers perspective

You can access the Boxxstep information, organigrams, plus SWOT and RAID analysis from within your CRM opportunity

Synchronise your opportunity objectives and tasks, plus your contact steps with reminders into your Google or 365 calendars