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Technical Support

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If you have any questions on how to use Boxxstep Buyer Relationship Manager and Opportunity Planning, or would like us to arrange a training session for your team, just let us know.


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What you get with Boxxstep


See the status of your contact relationships,
at the same time as any next steps that are due


Add or import companies in order to manage them for better account planning


Track the important sales drivers in each opportunity that you create


Track the important information about each contact in the buying process


Set the steps you, or a team member, need to take with each contact to improve your chances of success

Decision Process

Capture and track a prospects decisions and their buying process


Set, track and manage your objectives and tasks for each opportunity

Relationship Maps

View as a PDF and download decision making roles, reporting lines and political landscape org charts

Account Plans

Generate an opportunity plan, including relationship maps and summaries of all the important information


Share access to your Information with management and colleagues


Make comments on opportunities and your team sales strategies for them

SWOT Analysis

Create a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats table for the account


Sync reminders from Boxxstep BRM with your Office 365 or Google Calendars