The Buyer Relationship Management and Mapping Application

Adding value to your CRM in Complex B2B Sales

Improve your sales qualification, forecasting, and conversions with Buyer Relationship Management to plan and manage your prospect buyer team engagements.

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If you knew more about your prospects would you be more effective selling to them? Of course you would.

Boxxstep BRM helps you to capture, manage, share and use what you really need to know about your prospects.


Individuals involved in the process and their roles


What's important to the business and the buyer team


The buyer team roles & structure


Share & Review Opportunity information


Objectives, Tasks and Steps you need to complete

What, Why, When, How and Who?

Know More. Do More. Close More.

Boxxstep Buyer Relationship Management helps you to manage the three ‘P’s in complex B2B sales


What are your prospects business problems, needs, and how well does your product, service or solution address them?


What are the decison making and sign off processes, the internal stages, and individual stakeholders and dates?


Who is in the buyer team including roles, reporting lines, internal dynamics, and what's important to each of them?

4 in 5

Sales people fail to identify everyone involved in the approval and decision making process


Sales people do not understand the decision process and timings


of deals lost due to misalignment with decision makers


of customers believe sales people do not understand their needs

Manage the complexities of consensus based decision making and larger buyer teams

B2B selling is all about results. So how does Boxxstep help you to achieve and exceed your KPIs?


Boxxstep reminds you of the questions that you need answers to. The more you know, the more effective you can be.


Half of all forecasted deals end in a 'No Decision'. Boxxsteps inbuilt qualification tool helps you save time and money.


Boxxsteps inbuilt Win Potential tool calculates your chances of success based on your position with your prospects.


Boxxstep helps you to navigate the complexities of the prospects buyer team and retain valuable prospect buying information

Make your sales team more Performant, Productive and Predictable

Visualise and navigate the buyer team with Boxxsteps organigrams

Buyer team roles

Categorise and display buyer team contacts based on their role in the process. Identify decision makers, approvers, influencers and evaluators.

Buyer team reporting lines

Build reporting line organigrams for each opportunity as well as the entire organisation. Visualise what you need to do, and with whom, to be successful.

Buyer team politics

Understanding the internal dynamics of a buyer team is crucial. 25% of deals don’t happen because the buyer team isn’t aligned. Visualise who’s influencing, who are allies and who’s in conflict.

Buyer Relationship Management Contact Needs

Our contact cards summarise high level relationship information

Buyer Relationship Management Boxxstep Contact

Not enough sales people understand how and why their prospects buy, and how to sell to them.

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Integrate BRM with your CRM for advanced opportunity management

Combine customer pipeline management with buyer team management

Not every sales person loves CRM! By integrating it with Boxxstep they can see how it helps them.

Boxxstep Buyer Relationship Management

How does Boxxstep integrate with CRM?

Salesforce or Dynamics

Automatically add and update selected account opportunities and associated contacts into Boxxstep.

Open Boxxstep account maps, opportunity information, SWOT and RAID forms from within your CRM.

View CRM opportunity values, close dates, sales stage and probability within Boxxstep BRM