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Sales Effectiveness Platform for Complex B2B Sales

Improve your sales qualification, forecasting, and conversions with Buyer Relationship Management to plan and manage your opportunity engagements.

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Boxxstep Introduction Video

If you knew more about your prospects would you be more
effective selling to them? Of course you would.

Boxxstep BRM helps you to capture, manage, share and use prospect business drivers and buyer team information.


Individuals involved in the process and their roles


What's important to the business and the buyer team


The buyer team roles & structure


Share & Review Opportunity information


Objectives, Tasks and Steps you need to complete

What, Why, When, How and Who?

Know More. Do More. Close More.

Boxxstep Buyer Relationship Management – Prospect business problems, needs and decision making processes


What is the reason/goal
driving the investment?


What is the urgency to
complete the goal/project?


What is the outcome the
investment must produce?


What happens if the
project does not proceed?


What are their
business needs?


What is the decision making
process and timings?


What are the objectives
you want to achieve?


What business value do
you bring to this prospect?

There’s an average of 7 people involved in a B2B decision making process

Boxxstep Buyer Relationship Management helps you to understand and manage each of them


What challenges do
they face?


What criteria will
they base their decision /
recommendation on?


What are their investment
/ project concerns?


What Insight have you provided
to help this contact?


What is their
business style?


What level of information
do they prefer?


Who would they
prefer to win the deal?


What are their views
on your competitors?

Make your sales team more Performant, Productive and Predictable

Don’t just enter prospect data into a box, plan and take action

Set or Assign Opportunity Objectives

Plan your objectives that will enable you to reach your goals, or assign them to teams members.

Set or Assign Opportunity Tasks

Plan your Tasks that will enable you to achieve your Objectives, or assign them to team members.

Plan your Contact Steps

Plan the Steps you need to take to improve your position with each contact.

4 in 5

Sales people fail to identify everyone involved in the approval and decision making process


Sales people do not understand the decision process and timings


of deals lost due to misalignment with decision makers


of customers believe sales people do not understand their needs

Boxxstep BRM Dashboard

A summary of your buyer contact relationships and activities and what’s due to be completed this week.


Dashboard Video

Our contact cards summarise high level relationship information

Buyer Relationship Management Boxxstep Contact

Not enough sales people understand how and why their prospects buy, and how to sell to them.

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BRM – Created by sales people for sales people

Buyer Relationship Management – A sales tool that you will happily use

Sales people hate doing stuff they think only helps others. You’ll  love Boxxstep, as you can see how it will help you

3 important reasons to help you decide

Useful – Easy – Free

Boxxstep Buyer Relationship Management helps you to be more successful selling to your prospects, it’s intuitively easy to use, and to cap it off the Standard solution is free. How good is that?

Not just another data entry tool

We add value to your selling time, not take away from it

Don’t worry, its not admin for the sake of admin. Smart sales professionals know what they need to know about their prospects. Even smarter sales professionals organise it in a way they can use it.

What you get with Boxxstep


See the status of your contact relationships,
at the same time as any next steps that are due


Add or import companies in order to manage them for better account planning


Track the important sales drivers in each opportunity that you create


Track the important information about each contact in the buying process


Set the steps you, or a team member, need to take with each contact to improve your chances of success

Decision Process

Capture and track a prospects decisions and their buying process


Set, track and manage your objectives and tasks for each opportunity

Relationship Maps

View as a PDF and download decision making roles, reporting lines and political landscape org charts

Account Plans

Generate an opportunity plan, including relationship maps and summaries of all the important information


Share access to your Information with management and colleagues


Make comments on opportunities and your team sales strategies for them

SWOT Analysis

Create a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats table for the account


Sync reminders from Boxxstep BRM with your Office 365 or Google Calendars